Spanish Tortilla

Cuisine: Spanish

Did you know that the Spanish tortilla was invented in the middle of the 18th century? Did you also know that if the Spanish had not known about potatoes in America, they would not have created this delicious dish?

Today, what is considered the star dish of the Spanish table has its versions worldwide. Although it began as a dish to feed military troops at a low cost, today, the tortilla is part of our culinary tradition.

It basically consists of beating some eggs, chopping some potatoes, adding a pinch of salt, and cooking in a frying pan. But the best chefs also know that the cut of the potatoes, what you use with them, and the oil you choose can radically change the flavor of this omelet.

Chef James' Spanish tortilla recipe is perfect for finding that exquisite flavor that combines the potatoes and the onion texture. We prepare it with the help of Mazola® corn oil, which is delicious and easy to use. With its neutral flavor, Mazola® Corn Oil is the best choice for your dishes.


  1. Start by julienning your onions, and chopping your potatoes as fine as possible.
  2. Transfer to a frying pan, add Mazola® Corn Oil, salt, and pepper, and cook, stirring constantly until potatoes are cooked through.
  3. Transfer the potatoes and onions into a separate bowl, add the eggs, and mix vigorously.
  4. Transfer the mixture back into the initial pan, and let cook at very low heat until firm.
  5. You can flip the tortilla halfway through the process but if you are not confident you can let it cook low and slow over the stove.
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