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Sincronizadas: Double-Stacked Quesadillas

Cuisine: Tex Mex
Servings: 4 servings

Quesadillas, the Mexican version of the grilled cheese sandwich, can be filled with almost anything and make for a quick, filling meal. Sincronizadas means to be synchronized, or in this case, stacked... So call this my recipe for a stacked grilled cheese!

The quesadillas I grew up enjoying were strictly prepared with corn tortillas and simply filled with cheese. It was not until we moved to Texas in the early 1980s that I discovered quesadillas, the Tex-Mex version. The classic sincronizada I remember is made with ham, beans and cheese, but these days you can find all kinds of recipes. After all, tortillas and cheese can be combined with just about anything, and even dessert options are a delicious way to end a meal.



  • 1 cup pinto beans mashed (you can also use black beans or refried beans)
  • 1 cup sauteed peppers lightly seasoned, of your choice
  • 1½-2 cups cheese (use a good melting cheese like Monterey Jack, Oaxaca or queso for quesadillas), shredded
  • olive oil for brushing the tortillas
  • 12 flour tortillas no bigger than 6 inches

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  1. Preheat a large griddle pan to medium heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Lay out 4 tortillas, add enough beans to cover the surface of each tortilla. Add some cheese, another tortilla, a layer of peppers, more cheese and finally the last tortilla.
  3. Add a little olive oil to the griddle pan and add the quesadillas. Brush the tops with more olive oil and cover them lightly with foil paper. This will create a little steam and help melt the cheese. Flip over when nicely browned and cook for another few minutes. Remove from griddle and let stand for 5 minutes before serving. Cut into quarters and serve with your favorite salsa.

Chef Notes

The great thing about quesadillas, you really could fill them with almost anything! Try adding some roasted chicken, shredded beef or spicy shrimp. A great quick meal!

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