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Quick and Fresh Tomato Salsa and Tomatillo Salsa

Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 cups
With these quick and easy salsas, the possibilities are endless! Just don't forget the chips!

Here are two great salsa recipes that pair perfectly together. The hardest part of these recipes is deciding how many hot peppers to add. Both are extremely similar, so this is super easy to prepare. A quick prep of all fresh ingredients, a little help from the mini chopper, and your fresh salsas are ready!

Both salsas are best eaten the day they are prepared, and at room temperature. If you have leftover salsa, try cooking it low and slow in a pan until it reduces and darkens in color. This method takes some of the raw and strong flavors of the onions out. Great as-is or for huevos rancheros!


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  1. Both red and green salsas will be prepared in the same order of ingredients. We will begin with the tomato salsa. Roughly chop the tomatoes, peppers and cilantro.
  2. Add the chile peppers and cilantro to a mini chopper or processor. Pulse to chop into small cuts. Add the tomatoes and again pulse to chop. Fold in the green onions. Transfer to serving dish. Mix in the lime juice, season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and chill.
  3. Repeat the same process for the tomatillo salsa, this time substituting tomatoes for tomatillos.

Chef Notes

You could also get creative and add different peppers like smoky chipotles in adobo. If you crave extra-spicy salsa, add fresh habanero pepper, or for a milder flavor add chopped fresh avocado.

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