Mole de Chile Chipotle con Plátano Macho (Chipotle and Plantain Mole Sauce)

Christmas is a special time of celebrating tradition, especially in the kitchen. This year, why not add a Mexican twist to the dinner table? Riviera Nayarit Culinary Ambassador Chef Betty Vázquez has skyrocketed into the foodie spotlight as a judge on Master Chef Mexico and has prepared a special holiday sauce that is ideal for adding a little Mexican flair to your holiday menu.

Chef Betty is sharing her recipe for Chile Chipotle and Plantain Mole because she knows every family has their protein of choice when it comes to cooking a holiday meal. This sauce will add a taste of Mexico’s Pacific treasure, the Riviera Nayarit, to your holiday dinner table, whether you choose to pair it with beef, chicken or seafood.


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  1. For the Chile Chipotle en Adobo Dulce: Remove seeds and stems of chiles. Heat the oil in a saucepan and sauté the onion, garlic and chiles for 8 minutes. Add 1½ cups of water and the remaining ingredients. Cook until the chiles are slightly tender. Set aside to cool. Reserve. (For better flavor, prepare in advance, can be up to 10 days.)
  2. For the Salsa Ranchera sin Chile: Cook all ingredients together in small amount of water until they start to turn brown and soft. Transfer to a blender and blend well until smooth. Reserve.
  3. For the Dulce de Plátano Macho: Peel the plantains, place in a saucepan. Slightly cover with water, add the cinnamon stick and sugar. Cook over low heat until cooked thoroughly. Transfer to a blender. While still hot, add the butter.
  4. For the Mole: Blend the chipotle en adobo dulce mixture. Reserve. In a saucepan, mix 1 cup of each of the following: chile chipotle en adobo, salsa ranchera sin chile and dulce de plátano macho. Season with salt to taste. The mole will be used to bathe your protein of choice - it goes great with beef, chicken or seafood.
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