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Lonche de Aguacate y Queso Fresco

Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 6 servings

Lonche is another word in Spanish to refer to tortas (sandwiches in Mexico). While tortas can be made with bolillo or telera rolls, or any crisp and crusty bread, while lonches are almost always made with a soft bread roll. Almost anything can be made into a lonche or torta, and one of my favorite lonches is made with queso fresco and avocado topped with sliced tomato, onion, avocado, and pickled jalapeño peppers. This simple, meatless sandwich can be enjoyed year-round, although it is most popular during Cuaresma (Lent) when people refrain from eating meat on Fridays. Traditionally, avocado and queso fresco lonches are served for breakfast, but they also make for a great lunch or late-night dinner.


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  1. Split telera or bolillo rolls open length-wise.
  2. Melt 1 to 2 tablespoons of butter in a grill pan or large skillet over medium heat.
  3. Toast the rolls, two at a time, split-side down until lightly golden.
  4. Turn rolls over and spread a little Mexican crema on each slice of roll.
  5. Top bottom slice of each roll with a couple slices of queso fresco. Cover and reduce heat to low; let cook until the queso fresco has softened and the rolls have toasted to a light golden brown.
  6. Remove rolls from heat. Top queso fresco with slices of avocado, roma tomatoes, and red onion. Top lonche with the top slice of the roll.
  7. Serve with pickled jalapeño peppers.
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