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Lettuce Enchiladas

Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Servings: 6 enchiladas
This recipe for Lettuce Enchiladas is perfect for those following a low-carb diet. They are just as tasty and delicious as the original, without your feeling any of the guilt!

Love enchiladas but feel guilty every time you have them? We’ve got you covered with this amazing recipe for Lettuce Enchiladas.

This dish has all the traditional flavors you’ve come to love from enchiladas but without all those fattening carbs. Another plus side? They’re faster and easier to make since you don’t have to make or fry corn tortillas.

If you happen to have chicken breasts laying around the kitchen, we highly recommend giving these a try. Your tastebuds and waistline will be singing your praises.


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  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add chicken breasts, tomatoes, onion, cilantro and serrano chile and cook for 25 minutes or until chicken is ready. Take chicken breasts out and cool.
  2. Once the ingredients are fully cooked remove vegetables and transfer to blender adding 2 cups of broth. Blend until sauce texture.
  3. Shred the chicken breasts.
  4. Fill each lettuce leaf and roll into a taco.
  5. Top with 4 tablespoons of tomato and cilantro sauce, onion, cheese and sour cream.
  6. Enjoy!
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