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Chipotle Deviled Eggs with Chorizo

Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 35 minutes
Cook Time: 13 minutes
Servings: 20 eggs
Who doesn't love deviled eggs? Who couldn't love these chipotle deviled eggs stuffed with Spanish chorizo? You better prepare extras!

You had me at chipotle deviled eggs! I absolutely love deviled eggs! Add smoky chipotle, Spanish-style chorizo and you have a delicious appetizer for any occasion. I have the fondest memories of coloring hard-boiled eggs for Easter with my brothers. These eggs are a delicious kicked up version of those simply colored eggs I enjoyed as a kid. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing them up. The smokiness of the chipotle pairs well with the Spanish chorizo and the creamy egg filling. You will be the hit of the party when you show up with a plate full of these tasty bites!


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  1. Fill a medium pot with water and bring to a boil. Carefully lower the eggs into the boiling water. Once all the eggs are in, lower the heat to a steady simmer. Simmer for 13 minutes.
  2. As soon as the time is up, drop the eggs into an ice bath. Let them sit for 5-6 minutes. Lightly tap the eggs and peel the shells away.
  3. Using a large straight-edge knife, slice in half and remove the yolks. Transfer the yolks to a mini processor or chopper. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, adobo, ancho powder and pepper. Pulse to blend until smooth and creamy. Taste for salt.
  4. Add the egg filling to a piping bag with a decorative tip. You can also use a plastic storage bag with the corner snipped off.
  5. Place 20 of the sliced egg whites onto a serving plate. To each one, add some of the finely chopped chorizo. Add just a touch of the minced chipotle. Pipe on just enough egg filling on top to cover. Garnish with extra chorizo, chipotle and green onions. Sprinkle lightly with chipotle powder or paprika. Serve right away or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Chef Notes

When preparing hard-boiled eggs, purchase and store the eggs for a week before using them. A more mature egg peels easier.

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