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Cheesy Rice and Beans Empanadas

Cuisine: Tex Mex
Servings: 10 empanadas
Got any leftover rice? Bring them into the fold... literally! These yummy empanadas are a great way to use leftovers and a few extra ingredients to create a tasty snack.

Who doesn't love empanadas? This recipe keeps things simple with cheese, refried beans, rice, and salsa. It's all you need for a sabroso snack or appetizer.


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  1. Defrost the Goya empanada disc. On a lightly floured flat surface, roll out the disc slightly, fill with about ¼ cup of filling, add 2 sweet pepper strips and a couple cilantro leaves. Fold over and seal with a fork. Repeat until all empanadas are filled.
  2. In a heavy skillet, heat 2 cups of oil to slightly above medium heat. After about 5 minutes, the oil should be hot enough. Test by dropping a small piece of dough into the skillet. If it sizzles right away, it’s ready.
  3. Carefully (using metal tongs) drop in 2 empanadas into the hot oil. Using a stainless steel spoon, bathe the tops of the empanadas with hot oil. Turn over after about 1½ minutes and cook for another minute.
  4. Remove and drain on paper towels or on a sheet pan topped with a metal cooling rack. Keep warm in a pre-heated 250 ºF oven.
  5. Serve with your favorite salsa or sauce.

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