Photo by Santiago Gomez de la Fuente
Cuisine: Latin
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Servings: 30 buñuelos
These banana buñuelos are a sweet, warm, comforting dessert.

There are so many different kinds of buñuelos, that the sky really is the limit. But these Banana Buñuelos are worth taking note of. If you're not familiar with a buñuelo, it's basically similar to a donut but in a round, smaller shape. Typically the batter is fried, and sometimes the dough is flour based or even yuca based.

These are prepared with a light mix of flour, sugar, egg yolks and banana marinaded in lemon, rum and even more sugar. Serve them warm!


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  1. Peel the bananas and cut them into chunks. Place them in a bowl with the lemon, rum and sugar. Let the mix marinate for an hour.
  2. Place the flour in a large bowl and open a hole in the middle. Add in oil, sugar, and warm water. Slowly mix the center of the bowl and the flour will slowly start to incorporate itself from the sides. The dough should be well mixed but fluid. Let the dough rest for one hour.
  3. Beat the egg yolk until frothy. Add this last to the dough.
  4. Heat the oil over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, dip each banana chunk in the dough/paste. Then fry for about 2 minutes or until golden.
  5. Once golden, drain in a plate lined with a paper towel. Once ready to serve, sprinkle with more confectioner's sugar.
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