Servings: 6 servings
If you do the apple slicing, kids can get in on the action and assemble these nachos themselves. Use your favorite apple variety for this Simple Cooking with Heart snack or appetizer recipe or mix it up using a combination, like 2 sweet Red Delicious apples and 1 tart Granny Smith.

Adding even one serving of color in the form of fruits and vegetables each day is a great way to start building a healthier you. All forms (fresh, frozen, canned and dried) and all colors count! Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is directly linked to a longer, healthier life. It can reduce the risk of premature death, heart disease, stroke, multiple forms of cancer, and conditions like diabetes and hypertension which are linked to lower quality of life.

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  1. In a small bowl, combine dried cranberries/ raisins, almonds, and sunflower seeds.
  2. Core each apple and thinly slice into about 12 pieces each. Layer half the apples onto a large plate or platter. If the apple slices will be sitting out for a while, sprinkle a little lemon juice over them to prevent browning.
  3. Using the microwave or a teapot, bring 2 tablespoons water to a boil. In a small bowl, combine hot water, peanut butter, and honey. Use a spoon and stir until mixture is smooth.
  4. Use the spoon to drizzle half the peanut butter mixture over the plated apple slices; sprinkle with half the cranberry mixture. Layer the remaining apples on top and repeat with remaining peanut butter and cranberry mixture. Serve.
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