Photo by Ana Quincoces

Aioli Skinny Dip

Revamp your favorite sandwiches with this delicious aioli. We won't tell if you go back for seconds!

Who doesn't love a good pulled pork sandwich? The key to this classic dish is keeping the meat succulent, tender and full of flavor. That's where sauces and marinades can make or break your sandwich.

Chef Ana Quincoses' Million Dollar Marinade isn't your typical mojo. This marinade is an explosion of flavors for all your meat and seafood dishes in one easy step. As a bonus, reducing it makes a wonderful dipping sauce. In this recipe, Chef Ana whips up a delicious aioli that pairs wonderfully with these pulled pork sandwiches topped with crispy fried onions.


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  1. Combine all ingredients and keep refrigerated until ready to use.
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