Vanessa Mota

Vanessa is the writer, easy tips collector, sometimes baker, aspiring photographer and eater-in-chief behind Smart Little Cookie, a food blog with simple, easy recipes inspired by Latin flavors. She is a proud Latina, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, who came to the U.S. at the young age of 14. She lives in sunny South Florida with her husband and two kids. Vanessa and her family moved to South Florida during the summer of 2016 from New York City, where they lived for almost 20 years.

As a working mom, whose love for food led her to start a blog with the purpose of sharing delicious, quick and easy recipes with busy working moms like herself, Vanessa believes that cooking should be fun, but quick and fuss-free to have more time to share and enjoy with those we love. When she isn’t cooking, Vanessa enjoys watching movies, reading and spending time out around town with the family.

Vanessa Mota's Recipes