People Are Sharing Their Kitchen Fails and We Can’t Stop Jajaja-ing

People Are Sharing Their Kitchen Fails, and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Thanks to social media, the kitchen inspires a burst of creativity in many of us, leaving us wanting to recreate all those delicious recipes and meals people from all over the world share. 

However, not all of our culinary adventures go according to plan, as just one slight miscalculation can lead you down the path of no return. And while these may leave us wanting to kick the pan out of sheer frustration, it is important to remember that this is the beauty of cooking.

Kitchen fails remind us of the light-hearted nature of many of our cooking experiences, and as long as you can meet these unexpected twists and turns with delight, your kitchen will always be filled with joy and laughter.

Here are some of the funniest kitchen fails we have seen that will not only make you laugh but also give you a word of caution or two. 

The first step is admitting that you’re part of the problem. 

Trying to do something that seems simple enough only for it to go wrong unlocks another tier of embarrassment. 

Boiling water seems simple enough, no? We used to think this, too, until one day, we forgot we left the pot on the stove. 

I think it’s safe to say you used more than enough. 

Note for future reference: don’t cook chile serrano when there’s a room full of people. 

From “I don’t need the instruction manual” comes “I don’t need to read the directions.”


I even tried doing the besito but she said oh no you don’t 🥲 #Arrozconleche #recetasmexicanas #cookingfail

♬ original sound – Culiacán🍅

It’s like pots know to boil over that split second we turn around and stop stirring. 


Well… that didn’t go to plan 😭😅 🎵@queenofficial- I Want To Break Free 🎶 #gonewrong #cookingfails #omlette

♬ I Want To Break Free – Remastered 2011 – Queen

At this point, we’d just give up and order take-out. That omelet sure did want to “break free.”

At least we are still loved even after all our cooking fails. 

We can’t finish without first throwing it back to when our girl Selena turned butter into a fiery moment. Celebrities — they’re just like us! 

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