Selena Gomez Will Star in Two New Cooking Shows

Selena Gomez Spices Up the Holidays with Two Cooking Shows on Food Network

Selena Gomez is not done cooking yet. After four seasons of her successful cooking show “Selena + Chef” on HBO Max, the Mexican-American celebrity will continue expanding her culinary talents.

This time, she will host two new cooking-related shows on the Food Network. Though we don’t have specific details, we know the gist of both new gigs.

Selena Gomez’s upcoming cooking shows will be a celebration

According to Variety, one of the shows will be a “celebration-focused series” and will air during the holiday season. Though the network hasn’t confirmed further details, we hope to see Selena Gomez celebrating her Latin culture. Imagine seeing her cook Latine holiday specialties like tamales or pozole. Maybe some holiday-inspired treats like churros or coquito?

“The holidays are always huge for Food Network, reaching nearly 60M P2+ viewers, and having Selena kicking off the nearly 100 hours of new and returning holiday programming will certainly make this coming season one to celebrate,” Kathleen Finch, Warner Bros. Discovery’s chairman and chief content officer US Networks reportedly said.

The second series is set to switch things up

Instead of Gomez inviting chefs to her kitchen (like in “Selena + Chef”), she will go to chef’s kitchens to celebrate cooking. The same source says that Gomez will be “meeting up with some of the best chefs in the country in a quest to cook their most popular dishes when she visits their kitchens.” This show is set to premiere in 2024.

During “Selena + Chef”’s four seasons, we saw Selena Gomez navigate her kitchen as a rookie. After three years, seeing her talent expand and continue within the culinary world is an inspiration.

Moreover, who can we expect to join her in her new chef quest series? We’ve already seen her cook with José Andrés, Aarón Sánchez, and Paola Velez. We are excited to see if any further Hispanic chefs will be featured alongside her.

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