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Ten Latina Foodies Taking TikTok by Storm

Nothing unites us like our love for food. No matter where you’re from, food forms a big part of your culture and tradition. 

With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, we all now have the opportunity to form a community that also shares this same love.

Whether you’ve forgotten the recipes from your place of origin, need some inspiration to incorporate Latino flavor in your cuisine, or simply need a recommendation of the hottest restaurants in town, TikTok has some of the most talented creators that do just that. 

If you’ve been looking for some inspo on who to follow next, look no further. Here are some Latina foodies that are taking TikTok by storm. 


Valentina Mussi from @sweetportfolio is an Italian/Colombian living in Miami. She loves to travel the world and always shares with her followers the different cuisine from all the places she visits. 


my motto is: eat, drink, & repeat ☺️🌈🫶🏼✨ #eating #mukbang #foodies

♬ Hips Don’t Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean) – Shakira

Her 1.4M followers also love when she makes her own unique creations, ranging from waffles to alfajores to even sunflower butter. 


While all of us can appreciate a delicious plate of food, we always aren’t in the mood to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. A commonly used word in Mexico and other countries of Latin America is “huevona,” meaning lazy. Lucky for us, Lilo from @huevonalife has curated her own “huevona” style recipes — fast and easy-to-make home-cooked meals that still appreciate Latino cuisine. 

With nearly 500K followers on TikTok, she is a must-watch for busy (or flat-out exhausted) people that don’t want to order take-out every day. 


Mexicana Jenny Martinez boasts 3.4M followers on TikTok and posts a wide variety of recipes. From chiles rellenos to menudo, she has helped bring life to Mexican cuisine on social media.

Her vibrant and energetic personality makes it hard to ignore her when she inevitably pops up in our FYP. You can find her at @jennymartinezz.


Maria Viera from @yumyumfeast shares her love for food and culture with her followers. She visits restaurants all over Los Angeles and recommends the best of the best. 

She stays close to her Latina roots, so you can typically find her trying tacos, pupusas, and elotes, to name a few. 


Omallys Hopper never expected to make a career change during the pandemic. 

A professional makeup artist, she had used social media for some time. When the pandemic hit, the Puerto Rican decided to post videos of her cooking for her family. And the rest is history.

Since then, she has used her platform to share authentic Puerto Rican recipes for those that miss Puerto Rican cuisine or need to learn how to recreate them. She is currently a contestant in Gordon Ramsay’s Next Level Chef. 


Surely, we all have memories of our childhood when our abuela would cook delicious meals. There was nothing like going into abuela’s kitchen and indulging our senses in the aroma of her cooking.

Ana M. Regalado is the abuelita behind @saltycocina on TikTok. She is aware of the nostalgia many of the newer generations feel and wishes to pass essential family recipes down to them.

Her sweet personality makes it seem like it’s our abuela patiently teaching us how to make all these meals.


Latinas are becoming an unstoppable force on TikTok, and @nanajoe is just another example. With 6.6M followers, her videos focus on her making lunch boxes. 

She shows her followers that cooking doesn’t have to be boring and shares fun recipes that are easy to follow. From recipes for picky eaters like her toddler to mouthwatering desserts, there is something for everyone. 


@edithxgalvez has an exciting way of sharing her recipes with her followers – she barely talks in her videos. She lets her cooking do the talking, and 6.6M people all agree.

She is the perfect foodie to follow when you don’t want to be preoccupied with listening to everything they are saying, and if we’re honest, her videos are genuinely relaxing.


Dahianna is the Latina foodie behind @_cookingwitd. She brings Caribbean flavor to the TikTok community by cooking authentic Dominican recipes. 

If you’ve been missing out on all the delicious Dominican cuisine out there, you must check out this page.


Nicaraguan-Dominican-Iranian Henna Sharee shares her love of food and travels with the world. Her multicultural background gives the best of many worlds, as her content is centered on diverse cuisines and how to make them. 


Replying to @impossiblefoods plant-based jibarito made with @Impossible Foods chicken patties 🌱 im still amazed these are plant-based INGREDIENTS: • 2 green plantains • 2 impossible foods chicken patties • 1 tbsp plant-based mayo • 1 tbsp ketchup • 1 clove garlic • Lettuce • Tomato • Pickled onions #impossiblefoods #plantbasedrecipes #plantbased #jibarito #ad

♬ original sound – Henna Sharee

Be sure to follow her and the Latina foodies above to be amazed by her cooking talent!

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