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Blackberries, the Best Kept Secret of Mexican Cuisine

Part of the reason why Mexicans know how to handle blackberries is because of the care they give this versatile fruit.

According to a recent report from the USDA Economic Research Service, Mexico represents over 95 percent of the USA’s blackberry imports. Well, it’s not surprising that it’s yet another Latin American and Latinos carrying the produce of this nation. It actually happens often.  

But let’s dive deeper into the beauty of this blue fruit. 

La mora or blackberries is a fruit that is not only present in various Latin American countries, but it can also be considered Mexican cuisine’s best-kept secret. 

Mexico seems to have curated the most delightful combinations with blackberries. I’ve seen them add it to juices, salads, and even their desserts. They don’t play around con la mora!

Part of the reason why Mexicans know how to handle blackberries is because of the care they give this versatile fruit. 

So, let’s mirror what they do. It only makes sense. Below find some tips that will let us know how blackberries became a staple for Mexican cuisine. 

Choosing the right blackberries

Whether you’re picking them or buying them at your local market, you must pay attention to the firmness of the blackberries. You don’t want blackberries that look soft or have discoloration to them. The firmer, the better, as they will stay fresh longer.

Be mindful of when you wash them

Only wash the blackberries you need, not all at once. Keep the remaining berries in the refrigerator until you’re ready for them. This lengthens their shelf life. 

How you store them is important

For the most part, store-bought blackberries (which are most likely from Mexico if you purchased them in the U.S.) can be left in the container they came in. However, just be sure that the container they’re in is vented. If it’s not, switch them out as soon as you get home to another container that offers this commodity for the berries. Also, make sure you put them away in the crisper or el cajon de la nevera that has been designed to be low humidity. If you place them elsewhere, your berries might not last too long.

Try freezing them

As you already know, blackberries can be used for a myriad of things. Now, if you freeze them, they can be used for shakes, desserts, or even for a compote. Besides, freezing them keeps them safe to eat for a few months instead of a few weeks if you just store them in the refrigerator. 

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