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Common Mistakes We Make When Cooking Eggplants

Hispanic Kitchen is back with its Tuesday Tips, little tricks to make your cooking easier and your dishes more delicious.

As summer ends, it’s time we start thinking about the foods that will comfort our souls during this autumn season. I don’t know about you, but when I think about autumn, I think of rich flavors y los sabores that taste of the holiday season. And, now that we are all becoming a little bit more versed in cooking, it’s time we include vegetables and fruit more into our everyday lives.

Let’s take the eggplant, for instance. Yes, it’s more than just an emoji — it’s an actual fruit that delivers so many nutrients to us. Now, even though it is classified as a fruit, it functions as a vegetable as well. 

Sure, eggplants might not necessarily be as popular as platanos in the Hispanic community, but it’s still important to know what to do with them. Besides, there’s something so satisfying about switching your recipes up and having others compliment you. 

Below you can check out what to do (and not to do) when it comes to prepping and cooking an eggplant! 

Get salty

Eggplants have a spongy texture, meaning they are prone to absorbing the great flavors you season them with. However, in order for this to happen, you need to dehydrate the eggplant a bit. Sprinkling it with salt will do the job!

Peeling them is a must

Don’t leave the skin on the eggplant, as it can add an unpleasant texture when eating them. Make sure you peel them before cooking them; otherwise, you will face an almost impossible task. 

Give them space

Eggplants, like many introverts, like their space. Don’t squeeze too many all at once. If you do, you won’t give it the opportunity to evaporate the excess water within it or absorb the flavors properly. 

Cook them well

Eggplants are a large fruit, so undercooking them is a common thing. But, if you’d like to avoid this, just pop them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. 

Be picky

Don’t choose the first eggplant you find. Make sure they have a smooth surface and are free of any spots. Wrinkles and spots can be beautiful, but they definitely don’t do justice to this lovely food item. 

So, did these tips inspire you to make some eggplant parmigiana?

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