Best Wines For Springtime Celebrations

Spring is here with its warm weather, the trees are blooming, and all this puts us in a celebratory mood. So naturally, we all like to enjoy a good gathering with excellent food and good company, but we cannot leave out an excellent wine to liven up the atmosphere.

Wine is the protagonist in the spring. After spending a cold winter resting and waiting, the vineyards come back to life, which is the best time to take advantage of the excellent temperatures and taste all the best products.

How to know which wine to choose? 

The best wines are always accompanied by good food, so it is essential to know how to pair them and maintain harmony between acidity, flavors, textures, and aromas. It will also depend on the type of celebration you are planning. For some, the most refreshing wines go better during the day and those with a stronger flavor at night. The best options to enjoy this spring:


Red wines will always do for any celebration and accompaniment to any of your dishes, and rosé wines, besides being very fresh, have a lot to bring to the table with their unique aromas and flavors.

Jean Leon 3055 Rosé (Spain)

With origins from the Penedès, this wine is a real treat thanks to its delicious aroma of citrus fruits and florality. Perfect to pair with semi-cured cheeses, not too powerful cold meats, and even with light roasts and white meats. You can buy it here.  

Los Vascos Rosé 2020 (Chile)

This delicious Chilean Rosé is a fruity, light, and refreshing wine with aromas of raspberries and strawberries. Recommended to drink it chilled.

You can buy it here.

Kaleidoscope Red Blend (California)

This Californian wine has a delicious blackberry flavor. It is sweet with a touch of dryness at the end. Ideal to accompany red meats. You can buy it here.  

Berrycream Rosé 2019 (California)

This wine has a slightly citrus flavor, with raspberry and strawberry aromas. It is juicy, fruity, and very refreshing—best paired with salmon or turkey. You can buy it here.


White wine is characterized by its freshness which makes it perfect for spring. In addition, it is the ideal ally for a great number of dishes such as seafood, fish, rice, and even pasta.

2017 Laroche Bourgogne Blanc (France)

This Chardonnay is bright yellow to pale yellow, with elegant perfume and a delicate fruity flavor. Ideal with chicken. You can buy it here.

Vistamar Brisa Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

This delicious wine has aromas with citrus and floral touches. Its touch of acidity is unique. Perfect with salads, cheese, or seafood. You can buy it here.

Prosecco La Marca (USA)

La Marca Prosecco elevates the everyday with a crisp, refreshing style and a delicate, floral palate. Made from the expressive Glera grape — found in the hillside vineyards of Italy’s Prosecco capital, Treviso — this sparkling wine is an elegant, luxurious one that pairs beautifully with a variety of foods. Find it here.

Now you can start the spring celebrations surrounded by your loved ones enjoying the best wines. 


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