Surprise Mom With A Latino Breakfast In Bed

Mother’s Day is once again upon us and it’s time we let our special viejitas know how much they mean to us.

Most of us can agree that our Latina mothers are probably one of the most “intense” beings (as in telenovela intense) in the face of this Earth, but would we want it any other way? Lord knows the rush of an angry “madre Latina” is unmatched. Not even an unannounced meeting with a boss is as scary. 

But how do we show our mothers just how much they mean to us? Well, even though there’s plenty of ways, we suggest we express our love how they’ve expressed it for us — through food.

The choices are endless, especially when it comes to the flavors of our Latino culture. So, in order to avoid an entire day in the kitchen, we figured it was best to narrow it down to breakfast. Besides, who doesn’t love a Latino breakfast, especially, when it’s eaten in bed? 

Even then, there are so many options! But here are some favorite Latino breakfasts that you can whip up on Mother’s Day:


Ah, this Colombian breakfast speciality will your mother (and anyone, really) want to stay in bed all day. From the rice and beans, chicharrones, eggs, avocado, and other food items, this breakfast is not for the faint of heart. It is carb-heavy, but also heavy on the love. That’s what matters, right? So, don’t let your mother tell you about her figure on her day. Let her indulge in it and then hit the gym with her the following day.

The recipe calls for beans from the night before, so make sure you get on that.

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This Salvadoran favorite also incorporates rice and beans in their breakfast. However, its’ flavor profile is completely different. Aside from that, their cheese or crema is the treat your mother would appreciate on her day. 

According to Que Rica Vida, this breakfast recipe should only take you 25 minutes to complete. Simple and tasty — just what we all want. 

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A typical Puerto Rican breakfast is typically pan sobao (a sweet bread), eggs, and coffee. However, for special occasions, such as Día de las madres, it’s necessary that the Mallorca bread make an appearance. 

Mallorca is a sweet bread that is “dressed” with powdered sugar, as per this recipe. However, if your mom is someone who likes things on the more savory side, you can cut it in half and add cheese and ham to it. We’ve also seen people eat with scrambled eggs. Ultimately, it’s up to the preference of whoever wants to indulge in this magical piece of bread. In this case, mamá.

Overall, Mother’s Day is a day where any action filled with good intention will be appreciated. 

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