Hispanic Kitchen Hacks: Keep These 5 Foods Fresher Longer

A tell-tale sign of a Hispanic household is the amount of things we might stuff in our fridge.

From leftovers to las viandas we got at a discounted price from el viandero, we want to store it all away. Besides, uno nunca sabe when it can be used for an exquisite family dinner. One thing is for sure, most of us do our best to use everything inside our fridge. I suppose without even realizing it, our culture, as a collective, strives to avoid wastefulness as much as possible. Some might even say we are pretty eco-friendly. However, though our intention is good, sometimes our foods do end up spoiling. 

But that’s why we want to help you with the cause.

Rather than rushing to stuff everything in the fridge without thinking twice about it, we want you to equip you with the right knowledge. So, we’ve gathered five hacks that will allow you to keep some food items fresher.

Your bag of potatoes need an apple

Papas are unequivocally a Hispanic/Latinx household staple. Oftentimes, they are bought in bulk, but at the risk of not having the opportunity to use them all in time. This is why you should add an apple to your bag of potatoes as this will allow the potatoes fresher and firmer for several more weeks. Apples emit ethylene gas, which is what benefits las papitas. No one wants to eat sprouted potatoes at the end of the day, so get yourself a couple of apples next time you grocery shop.

Berry wash

Recently, many people took to TikTok to showcase their newfound knowledge of clean berries. Also, to show the world their horror at not cleaning their berries properly. See, there are tiny (almost microscopic) bugs and bacteria that embed themselves in berries and will not be washed away by water only. Instead, you must immerse them in three cups of warm water and one cup of vinegar to wash the bugs and bacteria out. Do this for about five to seven minutes. Make sure to dry them thoroughly afterwards. Otherwise, you can be sure you’ll be crunching down into some tiny legs. By the way, your berries will last longer if you do this.

Celery is your bread’s friend

If you want to keep your bread (any bread including pan cubano) fresh, then just add celery to it. Grab a small stick or two and toss it wherever you store your bread. The celery will absorb any moisture allowing el pancito to stay fresher and softer for a few more days than expected.

Liven up your greens

Don’t toss out your wilted lettuce or leafy green! At least, not immediately. Try to salvage it first. In order to do this, submerge your greens in a bucket filled with ice cold water (do this inside of your sink to avoid messes). Allow the greens to sit in the water for 15-20 minutes. Your greens should absorb the water, hence allowing it to crisp up. Make sure to dry the leafy greens well after their bath.

Cookies need some freshening up, too

Do you feel like you throw your cookies away before enjoying them properly? Well, there’s no need to go through that any longer. In order to elongate the shelf life of your cookies, just add a slice of bread in the container you store your cookies. You’ll notice that your sweet treats will last so much longer than before.

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