Latina Chefs Heating Up Our Kitchens

Not too long ago, female chefs, let alone chefs from underrepresented communities, such as Latinas, weren’t afforded the option of their own platform. Many of them only obtained solace from the pleasure of feeding their families and friends. However, a lot has changed since those dark ages.

The world of chefs is filled with forward-thinking culinary geniuses, which influence our own kitchens’ trends. Though every chef brings plenty to the table (pun intended), we must also recognize the strides Latina chefs have made. This is why we want to bring you some of the greatest Latina chefs heating up the kitchen with masterpieces. 

So, let’s take a look at the meals being prepared and inspired by Latina chefs! That type of influence should always be on the menu, don’t you agree?

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Chef Diana Dávila is the owner and executive chef at Mi Tocaya Antojeria in Chicago. Before getting to where she is now, she made sure to hone her culinary skills as best as possible. She first learned the way of the kitchen through her parent’s taqueria. Then, she left for Oaxaca, Mexico, to further expand her culinary knowledge in the Seasons of the Heart. Her journey has allowed her to not only heat up the kitchen but also ensure that the Latinx community is accounted for in the culinary world

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Chef Eileen Andrade shook up South Florida with her unconventionality. Chef Andrade, the owner of FINKA Table & Tap and co-owner of Amelia’s 1931, used her Cuban roots and influence by her Peruvian mentor, Omar Caycho, to design mouth-watering menus. She took traditional Latin flavors and reworked them to create an unparalleled experience for her guests. For instance, she’s managed to construct a Cuban-Korean-Peruvian fusion that is almost addicting (my pants are a true testament to this.) Chef Andrade is successfully heating up the already hot South Florida, and, let me tell you, no one is complaining.

Courtesy of Forbes Argentina


The Argentinian chef, Narda Lepes, is a multi-hyphenated force to be reckoned with.  From being named Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2020 to her influence in creating a paradigm shift in the culinary world with her food activism, there is no doubt her impact in the kitchen is great. Besides that, she’s also an author and a TV personality — is there nothing this Latina can’t do?  The Buenos Aires native has always made it a point to leave a print in the world of food. She began her culinary career in Paris, where she managed two Japanese-inspired restaurants and then went off to continue her legacy. Her influence has led her to become one of the most recognized names in Argentina.

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