Three easy ideas to eat plantains

Plátanos, tostones, patacones, fritas, tajadas… one fruit, so many names, and so many more ways to savor it! This tropical fruit can be prepared in several ways for different textures and experience each time. So worth trying!

We have selected three recipes so you can savor plátano with your familia. When unripe or green plantain is used for a recipe, the end result is usually tostones, patacones, or mariquitas. When ripe or plátano macho is used, they result in maduros, tajadas or fritas.  Check them out below, and enjoy!


Hispanic kitchens all over the world have made tostones for generations. This is a fun recipe that’s easy to try… soon you’ll be serving up your homemade tostones hot off the skillet!
Twice-fried unripe plantain  crispy “biscuits.” That’s how we would describe a tostón to someone who has never tasted them! But that description does NOT do justice to the scrumptious taste of tostones or patacones.
You can find the recipe here.


Tajadas, or sweet plantain slices, are a favorite among Hispanic households. There’s nothing better than biting into a super-sweet and tender tajada followed by a spoonful of white rice and beans. You have to make them to understand what we mean!

Get the full recipe here.


This is a lighter, crispier version of the tostones, with a kick!

These spicy lime plátanos fritos, or plantain chips, are a crunchy and zesty snack. We recommend you make a big batch due to the irresistibility factor. Here is the easy recipe.

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