What to Cook on Meatless Fridays This Lent Season

The pandemic has tricked people into believing that time doesn’t exist as it did pre-pandemic. Well, some may argue that time is relative, but that’s another topic for another day. 

Most mind-boggling is just how quickly time is passing us by, even if we are not actively paying attention to it. I mean, I could’ve sworn we just watched the New Year’s fireworks (socially-distanced) the other day, and now Lent is here? When did this happen? 

But, yes. The Easter season is upon us, which means meatless Fridays will make part of many of our lives for the next few weeks. Well, at least for those who aren’t already engaging in a plant-based lifestyle. 

Oftentimes, people think Lent Fridays means only canned tuna or eggs with rice (con ketchup — que rico!) can be eaten, but you don’t have to succumb to these boring options. Rather, let us help you expand and revamp your meatless Fridays menu! You’ll see that Lent Fridays will soon become your favorite days.


Mexican dishes are incredibly versatile, and that’s why we love them. For instance, the potato and creamy poblano enchiladas are a great way to please your taste buds without compromising the no meat rule of Lent Fridays.

Courtesy of Goya.com


If you’re looking for a savory meal during your meatless Friday, then an arepa will do you good. As per the recipe, this Venezuelan specialty is composed of their hollowed arepa stuffed with black beans and cheese. However, you can stuff it with avocado and plantains if you’re feeling festive.

Courtesy of EatPeru.com


Of course, we can’t forget about ceviche. It’s fresh, light, and extremely simple to concoct. This recipe will have you going meatless all year long.

Courtesy of Littlebroken.com


If you’re looking to get fancy during one of these Fridays, might we suggest shrimp in coconut sauce? It will definitely wow anyone you’re willing to share this with, and the process is pretty straight-forward. Pair it with rice or a side salad if you want. Or, eat it just like that — the choice is yours.

Courtesy of CameliaBrand.com


This traditional Mexican dish is a wonderful addition to your Lent Fridays. Yes, you’ll have to put in some work for this recipe, but it’s worth it in the end. It’s so good that you won’t even notice it’s completely vegan.

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