5 Latina TikTokers Teaching Us How It’s Done in the Kitchen

At first, TikTok was thought to just be a replacement for Vine, another video-sharing platform. However, TikTok has grown exponentially since it first came on the market and has become one of the most popular social media applications!

And yes, there are awesome Tik Tokers that share incredible recipes, all under 30 or even 15 seconds. We have curated a short (but powerful) list of Latinas who are rocking on this platform with their recipes and love for food. Check them out below:

Jenny Martínez

With over 2 million followers, @JennyMartinezzz has gained a large audience with her cooking videos. Though much of her content is based on Mexican recipes like this strawberry watermelon margarita, @JennyMartinezzz also posts tutorials on how to make a whole array of different dishes, like fried rice or spicy chicken sandwiches.


Cooking Con Nomi

The second Tik Toker to follow is @cookingconomi. They share many Puerto Rican recipes, from traditional (like this Asopao de Gandules con Bolitas de Plátano) and non-traditional (like this Collard Greens with a Puerto Rican twist). Not only do they post full recipes, but they also share cooking tips, like how to best cut a pineapple or how to make the best soft-boiled eggs. You can also watch their YouTube videos on their channel here.


If you’re looking for any Venezuelan recipes, @paosmpc is a great person to follow! From arroz chino venezolano to empanadas venezolanas, @paosmpc shares recipes of the most traditional Venezuelan staples, as well as some modern takes to them. They also post their healthy takes on traditional recipes like their healthy strawberry jam recipe and their healthy nutella recipe.

Cook With Dee

Similarly, @cook_with_dee posts content on typical Mexican dishes, as well as health-conscious recipes. You will find recipes for sopes, salsas, cocido, and menudo in addition to Mexican-fusion dishes like this shrimp pasta with chipotle. @cook_with_dee also features many healthier dinner options such as zucchini noodles with shrimp. Along their posts you will also see that @cook_with_dee highlights other traditional Latin American recipes, like that of coquito.

Cooking Wit D

Lastly, make sure to follow @_dahiannaa. Their content is a mix of several Latin American flavors, especially those from the Caribbean. Many of their dishes are Dominican, like Carne Guisada. But @_dahiannaa also features Mexican tacos de birria and arroz con leche, and even posts on food trends on Tik Tok, like their Latino version of the baked feta pasta trend.

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