Five Romantic Wines and How To Pair Them

The weekend is here and not much to do. Yet, you and your partner want to feel the love after a stressful week.

Zoom calls can be so mentally exhausting, am I right? But, let’s be honest, going out during the pandemic is more taxing than staying in. Besides, who has the time to choose out an outfit when we’ve been sitting in our underwear at home for almost an entire year? However, don’t let this deter you from a romantic evening with your boo thing. Instead, pop out a bottle of wine (or a couple), get the food ready, and have your love-filled dinner at home.

Now, since we want the both of you to have an exquisite time, let us help you concoct an unforgettable evening with the perfect wine pairings. We promise this will make your life loads easier. 

Close that tab you had just opened and rather indulge in the following romantic wines and their wonderful pairings we’ve constructed for you.

Red Wines


If you’re into red wines, we just suggest you try the oh-so-delicious L.A. Cetto Reserva Privada Nebbiolo. L.A. Cetto is one of the most widely recognized wineries in the Latin American wine industry. It derives from Mexico, so you know they understand the importance of spice. Pair this delectable wine with any red meat, such as falda a la parrilla.

White Wines


Maybe you and your partner are feeling like you want a lighter taste in your wines. If that’s the case then go for a white wine. White wines are usually softer and, oftentimes, considered more refreshing. For those of you who enjoy these types of notes, get a Concha y Toro ‘Terrunyo’ Sauvignon Blanc, which is produced in Chile. This wine pairs perfectly with leaner meats. Try it with the famous baked salmon in lemon chipotle butter. You’ll see that the romance will burn up after this menu option.

Red Blends


Red blends are unique and that’s the beauty of it. They are sultry enough for an exciting addition to anyone’s night as they are elegant enough to up the ante of any occasion. May we suggest a Napa Valley wine, Taken, whose notes will enamore you with every sip. The best thing about a red blend is that you can enjoy it with almost anything. For your evening, however, pair it with a tropical avocado salad and shrimp. It’ll be so perfect you’ll never want it to end.



So, you’ve finished dinner and now want something else. However, you know you still want to continue sharing a couple more glasses of wines with your amorcito, which brings us to the wonders of moscato. They are fruity enough to pair with your dessert. We suggest you try Skinny Girl Moscato with pan de banano estilo hondureno. This pair will definitely increase ese calorcito with your someone special.

Port Wines


Top off your night like champions. Pretend you’re in Europe and get yourself a digestif wine (an after-dinner wine). In order to do this, you should go ahead and get a port wine. If it’s vintage or aged, it’ll taste a million times better. Might we suggest Tawny port. You won’t need to pair it with anything because a clink in unison from the both of your glasses  it’s all it needs. We promise that it will help seal the night with un broche de oro just like they do in the movies. Just like you and your loved one deserve.

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