Keep it simple, sweetie (KISS): 5 stress-free desserts

Stuck with making desserts for the next virtual potluck? Hoping to host a virtual dinner but don’t have time to whip up a three-layered cake? Or simply don’t know what to make when you’re craving a little sweetness during quarantine? 

Look no further! Below you will find recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth without too much effort.

Arroz con Leche y Cajeta (Dulce de Leche)


Arroz con leche is a classic Latin American staple. Many counties have their own variations here and there, but one thing is for sure…they all taste delicious! Creamy, sweet, and with a touch of cinnamon, arroz con leche is a simple dessert packing major flavor. Find the arroz con leche recipe here.

Piña Colada Paletas


This is a lovely dessert to cleanse your palate after a delightful dinner. Though paletas take about 3 hours to freeze until ready, preparing them only takes about 10 minutes and four ingredients. Refreshing, cool, and perfect for a virtual happy-hour if spiked, piña colada paletas never fail to impress. Find the piña colada paleta recipe here.

Key Lime Mousse with Galletas María


This recipe is a fresh take on the classic marquesa de limón. Rather than being a layered cake, the key lime mousse packs a mouthful of tangy, sweet luxuriousness.  Whipped to perfection, this light dessert is a great way to end a heavy course. Find the key lime mousse recipe here.

No-bake Banana Split Cake


What is better than a banana split cake? Well, a banana-split cake that you don’t have to bake, of course! Though this cake does have to chill for about 4 hours, you don’t have the hassle of having to check if it is fully-cooked through the middle every thirty minutes. Simply follow this recipe here, pop the cake into the fridge, and boom! You have yourself a whipped, airy cake loaded with all the banana-strawberry goodness you could ask for.

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There is nothing better than waking up on a chilly day and filling up your mug with champurrado. Not only is it one of the most traditional holiday drinks in Mexico, but it is something so easily made that anyone at home can indulge. Made with only five ingredients, champurrado is the easy, decadent addition your morning routine has been asking for. Find the champurrado recipe here.

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