How To Grill Steak

How to Grill Steak the Right Way

  1. All about the seasoning

    This is where the real deal lies. Many Latin steak recipes are vibrant in flavor, with strong aromas exuding from the meat.

    Some basic, can’t-miss choices to go with for your seasoning  are garlic, chiles, citrus zest, cumin, parsley, olive oil, and cilantro. Your country’s local variety of spices and herbs will also help you choose the right combination for your meat.

    No matter what seasoning you use, just remember to be decently strong on aromas.

  2. Choose your cut of steak
    Venezuelan Barbecue Recipe: BBQ Steak in Guasacaca Sauce

    Your cut of meat depends entirely on what you want to make.

    Whether you’re making pinchos (kebabs), churrasco, or slicing up carne for tacos, make your recipe choice and share your thoughts with your butcher. He or she will assist you in choosing the cut that will work best for you.

    For example, when making Puerto Rican bistec encebollado, Mexican carne asada, or Cuban bistec de palomilla, sirloin steak serves as the perfect cut.

    On the other hand, for Mexican arrachera, a delicious taco filling, or Argentinean bife de chorizo, you’ll want a more tender cut like ribeye steak or skirt steak, although sirloin can work too.

    Making lomo al trapo from Colombia, on the other hand, requires tenderloin for a firmer cut. Falda a la parilla will work well with flank steak, while Brazilian picanha is a sirloin cap.

    Once you’ve got your cut, clean the steak and marinate it with your seasoning of choice.

  3. Selecting and preheating your grill

    Any kind of grill that is in good shape will serve you well for your barbecue. Charcoal and wood pellet grills will drive more smoky aromas, while gas and electric grills will be subtle on the smoky aromas reaching the food.

    Gas grills are best for giving off direct flavors. This guide about two burner gas grill review reveals more.

    Once your choice is made, make sure to preheat the grill to 360º F-400º F.

  4. Times and temparatures

    Once the grill is ready, place your steak on it and get cooking.

    Every grill master needs to know how long their meat needs to be on the flame, and what the internal temperature should be before it’s safe to remove it from the grill. Leave the meat to cook uninterrupted for 3 to 10 minutes on each side while aiming for an internal temperature of 130ºF-165ºF.

    Use an accurate meat thermometer to help you determine the right temperature, and once the right temperature is attained, remove the food from the grill and allow it to sit for 4 minutes before cutting and serving.

    This handy chart by is a great guide that will help you grill steak and just about anything that belongs on a grill!

    Grilling Times and Temperatures Chart


Armed with these basic steps, you’ll know how to grill steak with the best of them. Get cooking and  buen provecho!

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