7 Surprising Ways to Cut Calories without Hitting the Gym

  1. Eat A Good Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It keeps you energized for the rest of the day and helps burn more calories. You should supplement your breakfast with high-protein foods in order to hasten the process of cutting calories.

    Many people underestimate the power of breakfast when it comes to losing weight. They fail to understand the benefits that it offers. Also, ensure that you eat short meals or snacks during the day.

    Don’t let more than three hours pass without eating. Consider eating peanut butter, yogurt, bread, or eggs for breakfast. This way, you will easily control your hunger long into the day.

    Here are a few tasty breakfast recipes to get you excited about your morning meal!

    Avocado and egg breakfast sandwich

    Huevos rancheros

    Huevos ahogados con nopales

  2. Embrace Walking

    Walking is one of the best activities that one can choose to do in order to cut more calories. For example, you can choose to walk to work. Or you can choose to use the stairs instead of the elevator.

    This is an effective exercise that can help you achieve tremendous results over a short period. Walking makes it easy for you to burn more calories because you can expect to sweat off around 130 calories an hour.

    Try embracing walking because it is a proven way of burning more calories and staying fit. You don’t need to walk for long hours – a 10-minute walk to and from work will add up to a good daily exercise.

  3. Eat Healthy
    Authentic Peruvian Ceviche Recipe | Fish Ceviche Peruano

    Maintaining a good diet is crucial toward ensuring that you get a lean and strong body. Pay close attention to what you eat because there are chances that you may be eating what is not necessary for your body.

    Pick foods that are healthy and do not have a lot of calories like crusty whole-grain bread with a warm bowl of soup. Focus on the more indulgent parts of your meal – say, the cheese and nuts on your salad – rather than the lettuce.

    There are some low-calorie Latin foods that you can embrace to keep your calorie level low. For example, ingredients like nopales, quinoa and chiles can all be incorporated into your diet to help you lost weight.

    Here are a few recipes to get you eating healthy but with plenty of sabor!

    Tacos de Nopales

    Peruvian Ceviche

    Chimichurri Shrimp with Quinoa

    Smoky Avocado Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

  4. Exercise

    We all know about the importance of exercise when it comes to cutting calories. Exercise has been proven to be an effective method of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Those who exercise regularly are more likely to lose weight than those who neglect exercise. Therefore, it is advisable that you spare some time and do some simple workouts like sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups. These are easy ways to cut calories without hitting the gym.

    Moreover, if you feel like you want to experience the advantages of a gym, consider setting up a home gym. Make sure you use the right gear and the best shoes for workouts to avoid injuries.

  5. Squeeze in More Movement

    Consider moving more often and doing short exercises in order to stay fit and cut more calories. Do regular movements and move your body whenever you can.

    You can consider walking down the street or even swinging on your chair in the office. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big movement or not, what matters is that you do it consistently.

  6. Don't Skip Meals

    Many people fail to understand the importance of eating more often. Yes, some may say that it adds weight but the fact still remains that refueling your body with food increases metabolism.

    You should eat at least five mini-meals or three meals and snacks in between. Avoid irregular eating patterns and maintain a consistent eating schedule.

    Many people make the mistake of having coffee in the morning and eating real food only in the late afternoon. Skipping meals is not advisable because it lowers metabolism.

    Here are a few delicious snack recipes to help you power through your day:


    Banana and Mango Yogurt Smoothie

    Avocado Hummus

  7. Get Enough Sleep

    Did you ever notice that you tend to eat more when you’re sleepy? Well, that may come as a surprise to you but it’s a fact. Studies show that getting enough sleep is associated with cutting calories.

    It is advisable to get at least 8 hours a day of good sleep. Consider turning off your phone and keeping any gadgets out of your bedroom. This way, you will get enough time to sleep without any distractions.

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