The Avorschach Test, photo by Avocados From Mexico

The Avorschach Test

How we interpret patterns, shapes and ambiguous forms can tell us a lot about our inner selves. After all, how many times have you taken the Rorschach inkblot test, or even looked at a cloud, and seen something that no one else sees?

At Avocados from Mexico, we tend to see beautiful, delicious avocados in everything. So we thought we’d put an avo-twist on the classic Rorschach Inkblot Test. What we came up with was the one-and-only Avorschach Test! We invite you to look at the following six avo-blots and tell us what you see. Based on your choices, we’ll reveal your avo-personality.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your results, but remember that the Avorschach Test is in no way scientific or analytical… it just might make you hungry for avocados. And that’s okay with us.


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The Avoscharch Test
In harmony with nature
Practical, loving, and at peace when you're in your natural element, you make those around you smile with your positive and energetic personality. Mother nature is your friend, and so are avocados! Keep the good vibes going with this recipe.
There is an avocado... but there is no spoon
You're a creative thinker, a dreamer of fantastic dreams. Your vivid imagination guides many of your decisions and life choices. Let it guide you to this outside-the-box recipe.
Living in the moment
You're very aware of your mortality, and as a result you're living life to the fullest. There's no time to waste and no avocado that should go uneaten. Starting with the one used to make this recipe.
Your third eye is open
You're a deeply spiritual person. Introspective, thoughtful and in tune with yourself, you're the type of person who can read the starts or study a crystal ball. We see this recipe in your future.
The mastermind
Strategic, far-seeing and driven, you're a deep thinker who sets a goal and then accomplishes it. You're the kind of go-getter that everyone wants on their team. Go get this recipe.
You just want to eat avocados
Where others might see animals, aliens or beautiful landscapes, you're here because you love avocados and you're thinking about how to include them in your next meal. We salute you, and present this recipe with our compliments.

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