The Avo Love Test, photo by Avocados From Mexico

The Avo Love Test

Everyone loves Avocados From Mexico, but how deep does your avo-love go? Sure, you’ll take a delicious, creamy avocado over last night’s leftovers, but would you choose it over rich, dark chocolate? How about a puppy? Avocados From Mexico wants to put your love to the test with this quiz, and if you happen to choose avocados over every other temptation, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

Which do you prefer?

Which one would you get?

Pick one

If you had to choose

You only get one

Last chance!

The Avo-Love Test
Avocados From Mexico for Life!

Nothing, and we mean nothing, will keep you from your love of Avocados From Mexico. Not puppies, not chiseled abs, not even another Avocado From Mexico (although we're not sure how that would work). Which means you're our new favorite person. Here's a recipe to help you keep celebrating your avo-love!
We're Serious About Each Other

Avocados From Mexico play an important role in your life. Maybe they get you going in the morning. Or welcome you home after a long and stressful day. And for that, you love them and are willing to commit long-term to them. We don't blame you one bit. Here's a recipe to stoke your avo-love.
Casually Dating

You can't deny the attraction, and while you're not ready to take it to another level, every time there's an Avocado From Mexico in your day, it makes you smile. Enjoy the start of something special with this recipe.
Just Friends

Sure, you'll hang out together, but if an ice cream comes along, all bets are off. We understand, but maybe, just maybe, there's a deeper connection here. Give Avocados From Mexico another chance with this recipe.

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