9 Easy and Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas to Beautify Your House for New Year’s

  1. Candle Light Glow

    If you want your home and party to feel welcoming, warm and maybe even a little romantic, then candles will be your best friends. First of all, if you stick to basic candles in a variety of heights and sizes, they are very budget-friendly. Plus they instantly make a room feel special. You can give those candles a little extra dose of love by wrapping them in ribbon to match the color palette of your home or holiday decor. Candles can set the mood and get everyone in a holiday spirit quickly. This candle centerpiece is a perfect way you can set the mood to festive.

  2. 3 Tiered Basket

    Storage baskets aren’t just for storing food (though they are a great way to display everything from fruit to desserts at a holiday party). This beautiful 3-tiered basket is also great for storing party favors like noisemakers and party glasses. Or you could put it in your powder room to hold holiday-themed towels and soaps, instantly making your bathroom feel more festive and special. You’ll use this 3-tiered basket over and over again for parties and everyday needs, so it’s a great investment.

  3. Footed Tumblers

    Large gorgeous glasses are great because you can use them to serve water or juice, or you can use them as miniature vases for flowers. They can also hold party favors such as noisemakers. You can also use them as votive candleholders for celebrating your NYE festivity. You’re only limited by your imagination for ways to enjoy them. These footed tumblers are classic and pretty and instantly make any table setting or holiday decor feel special.

  4. Extra Christmas lights

    If you invested in a few too many lights for your Christmas tree or your yard, use the leftover lights to make your home feel festive. Wrap tree branches in Christmas lights and put them into your fireplace to add warmth to a room. Or drape the lights around your entryway and staircase to add just the right amount of sparkle to your house.

  5. Create Your Own Resolution Tree

    Setting resolutions for the year is a big part of the New Year’s Eve tradition. While many people worry they won’t stick to those goals, if you make goal-setting a fun, group activity, you are likely to hold yourself accountable. What a better way to do this than by setting up a resolution tree! Simply find some tree branches, paint them gold, and then gather them in a vase such as the one pictured here. Have your guests write their resolutions on paper cards, which you then hang from the branches in the vase. Easy, simple, and oh-so-festive.

  6. Infused Water As Decorative Drink Display

    Water is important, especially when you and your guests are downing champagne (which you most likely will be). Why serve plain old water when you can serve infused water that also looks gorgeous and adds something to your decor? Try this flavor infusion pitcher and add a variety of fresh fruits and herbs. Display the pitcher alongside your cocktails for an instant boost to your bar or table setting.

  7. The Glory of Gold

    Trust us, a little dose of gold goes a long way to making your home feel festive and getting you in party mode. You can load up on basic gold balloons to cover your ceiling or adorn your table and chairs, or get a little fancy with confetti-filled balloons, which you can actually make at home and fill with gold confetti.

  8. Reusable Items

    Don’t buy signs, hats and table decorations that say 2017, because you clearly won’t be able to use those again next year (when ringing in 2018). Instead, opt for more generic decorations that say “Happy New Year!” Or maybe they don’t say anything at all; they are just colorful and festive. Party hats like these are simple enough you can use them again and again.

  9. Dress Your Dessert

    While some might argue that bubbly is the star of any New Year’s party, we’d argue that dessert is equally important. Any old platter won’t do when you’re setting out your sweet treats. This Poinsettia tiered platter is seriously beautiful and is both functional and decorative.

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