Three Reasons Why Onions Are One of the Healthiest Vegetables in the World

  • Cancer

    Studies have shown that onions are capable of slowing down cancer cells, preventing metastasis and activating genes that lead to the destruction of malignant tumors in several types of cancer like colon, stomach, breast, pancreas and ovary cancer, among others.

  • Cardiovascular health

    The cardiovascular benefits of the chemicals present in onions include: normalization on blood pressure, reduction of LDL cholesterol, elevation of HDL cholesterol and prevention of clog formation.

  • Hangovers

    Yes, in addition to keeping you healthy, onions are high in sugar, which speeds the body’s metabolism and burns alcohol, helping with the annoying hangover.

  • And more!

    Other areas in which the benefits of onions are being researched are osteoporosis prevention,  menopause, and prostate hyperplasia prevention in men.

Onions can be added to just about everything you cook, including salads, dressings, soups, stews, meats, fish, chicken, eggs, grains, rice and gravies.

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