How to Choose a Mango

The sweetness of fresh, ripe mango adds a counterpoint to savory dishes and a bit of tropical flair to your cooking. Here are a few tips for selecting a luscious mango for use in salads, salsas, smoothies and more.

  • Don’t rely on color as a reliable indicator of ripeness. Mangoes come in many different hues, depending on the variety, so color isn’t the best way to judge ripeness.
  • The mango should give slightly when gently squeezed, just as a ripe peach would. Avoid mushy fruit.
  • Give the mango a whiff at the stem end. The aroma should be fruity and fragrant, not sour.

Keep in mind that a mango left out at room temperature will get sweeter and more ripe over the course of a few days, so it’s OK to choose firmer fruit at the market if you’re not planning to use it immediately.

[Photo by Tatters:), used under Creative Commons license]



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