Pechugas Rellenas (Stuffed Chicken Breasts)

Pechugas Rellenas

My mom has been making this dish for as long as I can remember.  It is definitely one of her specialties.  They’re pretty easy to make and are great for when you’re entertaining.  I made this dish one time recently after I got married and we were hosting a dinner party.  One of the guests referred to them as “footballs” because they’re lined with bacon and after they’re cooked they resemble a little football.  I promise you they don’t taste like a football though.  This is a family favorite that I hope you’ll enjoy too.

Note: I make these with turkey ham and turkey bacon because I follow kosher laws, but my mom makes hers with regular ham and bacon.


4 chicken breasts (or however many you need)
4 slices Havarti cheese
4 slices Cheddar cheese
4 slices  turkey ham
1 package turkey bacon
2 teaspoons creole seasoning (optional – I use the Chef Paul Prudhomme brand, the poultry magic variety)
Salt to taste


First begin by pre-heating your oven to 400 degrees.  Rinse the chicken breasts well, pat them dry, and butterfly them.  Once they’re butterflied, season with the creole seasoning and salt.  On one side of the breast, place a slice of ham, a slice of Havarti and a slice of cheddar. Fold the other half of the chicken breast over and begin wrapping the chicken in the bacon.  You may have to secure the bacon with toothpicks if you’re using turkey bacon because it’s not as “elastic” as the pork kind.  The turkey kind is much leaner and doesn’t have nearly as much give.  Repeat this process until the whole breast is covered, and all of the chicken breasts are assembled.  Place the chicken breasts on a baking rack that has some elevation.  There will be a sauce that collects in the bottom pan which is what we’ll use to drizzle over the chicken once it’s done.  Bake for 15 minutes on each side of the chicken and remove once the bacon is slightly crisp.  Let the chicken rest before slicing into rounds.  Serve with white rice and a nice green salad.

While the chicken rests, collect the sauce at the bottom of the pan and transfer to a sauce bowl. Break up any big clumps and drizzle over the chicken.


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